Canon SLR HDR Video with Ginger HDR

Just wanted to share this with all of you. With Magic Lantern (a firmware replacement for Canon SLRs) you can now alternate the Exposure or ISO for every single frame. So every-other frame is bright then dark. In other words, you can do HDR! AWESOME!!! Well, sortof. In this case, I matched up the dark frames to the bright frames with a simple blend. Open up on vimeo for a more complete description.

The big question is frame interpolation. There are other videos up as well and a bunch of people are trying different workflows for interpolating frames cleanly. If it turns out that every single Canon 5D owner actually owns a legit HDR camera that would be truly amazing.

So congrats to magic lantern. You should check out there site for more info: and get to work finding better ways to interpolate data!

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