Mac Progress

Hi guys. Just wanted to give you an update on the #1 thing everyone asks about: The Mac version. There has been some major progress in the past few weeks and it’s up and running. There are still a few kinks to work through but it’s finally actually working.

Being a PC guy, it’s been, shall we say, a trying experience. There are a whole bunch of little things that no one tells you. Like trying to run without a NiB and how to use as little Cocoa as possible. The Mac Finder likes to pretend that directories are files sometimes. And what’s up with Home and End going to the beginning and end of a document? And I still think that Apple really wants us to use one-button mice.

As another example, you can type any windows API call into google and the first hit will always be Microsoft’s documentation. Try it: CreateWindow, EnterCriticalSection, PostMessage for example. But for whatever reason Apple isn’t as good at SEO as Microsoft is. If you search for a class, Apple will be the first hit. But if you search for a method or both the class and method it won’t be. So the search NSWindow will have Apple as the first hit, but otherEventWithType or NSWindow otherEventWithType will point somewhere else. It’s the little things.

Anwyays, it’s finally working and we’re starting the non-judgemental friends/family mode for the beta. We’re trying to get the open beta out to all of you ASAP, but due to the holidays nothing crazy will probably happen until the new year. Until then, Cheers!

  • Shalom Sutherland

    im really looking forward to using this on my mac..would you guys be developing this app for ne other application eg avid media composer or final cut x ?

  • JohnHable

    Hi Shalom, yes the plan is to be on as many platforms as possible. Right now the primary goal is to get Ginger HDR released on AE for Windows/Mac, and then we’ll go where the market takes us.